The query itself is not a union query, but its data source is a union query linked to another table. The source union query runs fine on its own. In trying to fix the problem, I copied the SQL for the query into a new query named Query1 and it worked fine. It turns out that: If the query name is less than 12 characters the query works fine.

Help me understand some of this data I've captured Jul 20, 2008 NBLookup.exe command-line tool Apr 16, 2018

What is name query nb workgroup<1b> Solutions | Experts

List of DNS record types - Wikipedia Returns all records of all types known to the name server. If the name server does not have any information on the name, the request will be forwarded on. The records returned may not be complete. For example, if there is both an A and an MX for a name, but the name server has only the A record cached, only the A record will be returned. W7 browse for XP fails in spite of NB name query responses Dec 27, 2010

W7 browse for XP fails in spite of NB name query responses

Criteria for Registration - National Board of Boiler and Criteria for Registration NB-264, Revision 13 2CR-2.1 The Application for Authorization to Register may be found on the National Board’s Web site: under the “Data Report Registration” tab. It is an online application and includes an What does the abbreviation N.B. mean and why do people use