dm-crypt is the Linux kernel's device mapper crypto target. From Wikipedia:dm-crypt, it is: . a transparent disk encryption subsystem in [the] Linux kernel [It is] implemented as a device mapper target and may be stacked on top of other device mapper transformations.

How to Encrypt Drives Using LUKS in Fedora Linux Preparing a Block Device. The following instructions show the steps to create and configure … Comparison of disk encryption software - Wikipedia Dm-crypt / LUKS: Clemens Fruhwirth (LUKS) 2005-02-05: GPL: Yes DriveCrypt: SecurStar GmbH 2001 Proprietary: Yes: DriveSentry GoAnywhere 2 DriveSentry 2008 Proprietary: No E4M: Paul Le Roux: 1998-12-18: Open source: No e-Capsule Private Safe EISST Ltd. 2005 Proprietary: Yes eCryptfs: Dustin Kirkland, Tyler Hicks, (formerly Mike Halcrow) 2005 dm crypt: offload writes to thread · torvalds/linux But this commit improves dm-crypt performance even without having dm-crypt perform request sorting (in particular it enables IO schedulers like CFQ to sort more effectively). Note: it is required that a previous commit ("dm crypt: don't allocate pages for a partial request") be applied before applying this patch. Linux 5.9 To Support DM-CRYPT On Zoned Block Devices | Tux

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Linux 5.9 To Support DM-CRYPT On Zoned Block Devices | Tux The Linux Device Manager's dm-crypt allows for transparent disk encryption and does so quite well, but until now hasn't properly supported zoned block devices. Login …

How to Encrypt Drives Using LUKS in Fedora Linux

The dm-crypt subsystem supports the Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) structure, which allows for multiple keys to access the encrypted data, as well as manipulate the keys (such as changing the keys, adding additional passphrases, etc.) Although dm-crypt supports non-LUKS setups as well, this article will focus on the LUKS functionality mostly Speeding up Linux disk encryption - The Cloudflare Blog Mar 25, 2020 Azure Disk Encryption scenarios on Linux VMs - Azure Linux