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Mycroft needs Sherlock's help, but a remorseless criminal mastermind puts Sherlock on a distracting crime-solving spree via a series of hostage human bombs through which he speaks. Season 1 | Season 2 » Sherlock - Season 3 - IMDb Sherlock tries to give the perfect best man speech at John's wedding when he suddenly realizes a murder is about to take place. S3, Ep3. tv series i watch/ed a list of 35 titles created 30 Jun 2014 Best tv shows a list of 36 titles created 19 Mar 2019 Sherlock: A Study in Pink S1/Ep1 - video dailymotion

Series 4. View episodes. Sherlock and John Watson return in a contemporary take on Conan Doyle's …

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Watching Sherlock's humanity dawn on him thanks to the influence of Watson is a joy to behold, and it is in season two where that becomes most apparent. By contrast, we are also offered Moriarty, who has Sherlock's brilliance but is lacking any shred of humanity.

Watch BBC One live on BBC iPlayer. John and Kayleigh are thrown together - will they get along? And who controls the music?