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Jan 29, 2020 · 1. I watched people sky-diving and felt a vicarious rush of excitment. 2. When I went to a Tool concert they played Vicarious. Skilless rogue Vicarious, Dentarg EU, that didn't get boosted in normal way (2 guys join your arena team and boost up your rating) but he gave his acc info to another player that has skills and that's how they did it Use vicariously in a sentence? Tom and Julie don't like to travel but enjoy watching DVDs of tourist experiences, thus enjoying their travel vicariously. Asked in Example Sentences Vicarious reinforcement can be brought about through rewards and punishments that involve money, praise, materialistic things, or emotions―the giving or taking away of the same. It is a concept that we have all been making use of since our very birth and is key in showing how learning takes place. How to say vicariously in English? Pronunciation of vicariously with 1 audio pronunciation, 11 translations, 1 sentence and more for vicariously. ‘A book like it provides a vicarious emotional experience that can be tremendously valuable in helping teens navigate the transition to psychologically mature, healthy, integrated adults.’ ‘Today, the topics of interaction tend to be vicarious experiences manufactured by and mediated through one of the major channels of pop culture, be it Spanish Translation of “vicarious” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases.

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Examples of vicarious in a Sentence I am a vicarious eater, often preferring a description of a meal to eating it. I hoard the Wednesday food section of the New York Times, savoring it as my late-night reading, finishing always with the restaurant review. Vicarious in a sentence (1) The reader of adventure stories wants romance and vicarious excitement. (2) He gets vicarious thrills from watching people bungee jumping. (3) They get a vicarious thrill from watching motor racing. How to use Vicariously in a Sentence? 1. Here nature tinkers vicariously with souls; and she seldom has time to complete her work. 🔊 2.

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Use vicariously in a sentence | vicariously sentence examples How to use vicariously in a sentence. Example sentences with the word vicariously. vicariously example sentences. Vicarious: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE Examples of Vicarious in a sentence. My paralyzed uncle takes vicarious pride in his son’s running achievements. 🔊 As my daughter was crowned the winner of the beauty pageant, I felt vicarious excitement coursing through my veins. 🔊 Since I have many food allergies, I tend to be a vicarious eater who enjoys food through the stories of