It got rid of a persistent (uncancelable) 'Authentication required to perform file operations' dialog at the top left of the screen for me. However, it does close all applications, so it is not unlike a logout/login without any questions to save work. Careful; you will loose work if you have not saved things. – Roel Van de Paar Jun 9 at 23:04

Easily Reset Forgotten in Password Ubuntu Linux [With Video] Jun 17, 2020 [SOLVED] su: Authentication Failure - Zimbra Forums Sep 13, 2014 How to become Root user in Ubuntu Command Line using su

To check, su to the user and check if you get Authentication Failure, e.g.: $ sudo su - Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator su: Authentication failure (Ignored) To fix: update the expiration on the account: sudo chage -M 300 root Or whatever username you're having issues with in place of root above.

I get the root privilege when I type sudo. But when su asks for the Password, which I type in, the terminal says su: Authentication Failure [SOLVED] su: Authentication Failure - Ubuntu Forums Apr 04, 2011

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Authentication Failure Ubuntu Software Ubuntu Systems Management v.0.01 Ubuntu Systems Management is designed to manage hardware and software on multiple computers in a …