How to install the PowerShell Active Directory module

On the 'Select Server Roles' page, select 'Active Directory Domain Services' and click 'Next'. Go through the information given on the 'In the Active Directory Domain Services' page and click 'Next'. On the 'Confirm Installation Selections' page information related to installing the Active Directory Domain Services role is given. Install Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server Enable remote management. Open the Server Manager window if it is not already open. In the Properties area of the Local Servers page, click Remote Management . Select the Enable remote management of this server from other computers check box. Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008R2

Problem Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

How to Install Active Directory Users and Computers (and 5) Click ‘RSAT: Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Tools’ and then click install. 6) Wait a few moments while the tools install. 7) That’s it! Active Directory Users and Computers, as well as the other AD-LDS tools will now be available in the Administrative Tools folder. How do I install Active Directory on my Windows Server

May 26, 2019

Installing Active Directory on Windows 2008 Server Core Installing Active Directory on Windows 2008 Server Core. Server Core can host a few roles. See my "Managing Windows 2008 Server Core Server Roles" article for more info. One of these roles can be the Active Directory Directory Services (AD DS) role, where the server will act as a Domain Controller for an Active Directory domain.