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Choosing a router (ASUS RT-N56U, Tomato, dd-wrt) : hardware Jan 25, 2008 ASUS RT-N16 Transmit Power | LinksysInfo.org Jan 12, 2012 RT-N16 - Asus RT-N16 Multi-functional Gigabit Wireless N Router The elegant white and grey 2.4GHz RT-N16 features powerful CPU, providing a high-performance throughput; supports up to 3000,000 sessions for extensive P2P clients; most widespread application with USB 2.0 port - All-in-1 printer

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ASUS RT-N16 : DDWRT - reddit I think for the RT-N16 - it's important to choose a "named" build (i.e. one that includes "RT-N16" in the name. I have several other DD-WRT routers that have similar requirements - … JTAG pinouts - DD-WRT Wiki

How to hard reset ASUS RT-N16

RT-N16 | Networking | ASUS USA Download Master, a unique technology found in ASUS wireless solutions, features several innovations to simplify the download process. Turn the RT-N16 router into a wireless storage center by attaching an external hard drive via USB 2.0. Download Master runs independent to the computer system, which means it takes up zero computing resource. Hard reset or 30/30/30 - DD-WRT Wiki